9 The Negative Effects of Technology on the Classroom

With the rising rates of technology usage, the expectation for technology to be used in classrooms is also rising. The positive effects of technology in the classroom are so often referred to that many people do not stop to think of the possible negative effects of using technology in the classroom listed in the Top Hat Blog. The most recognized disadvantage to having technology in class is the temptation for students to become distracted with it. In addition, many students have the temptation to cheat when the internet is readily available. Another issue with allowing technology to be used for good in the classroom is that, while the majority of student have smartphones, laptops, or other devices to access the internet, this is not true for all students. When books were the only resources available, students did not have to worry about credibility because a print book is a good source. However, students must decipher between sources that are credible and those that are not.


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